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2-Pack: Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum + Face Cream

2-Pack: Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum + Face Cream

Mad Hippie
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Buy Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum and Mad Hippie Facial SPF together to save even more. It's so important to have an SPF as part of any facial regime so we've bundled these two together.

What's in it?

Exfoliating - used at night only. The serum contains your Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) Lactic and Glycolic Acid. This serum works to unclog your pores and encourage cell turnover, exfoliating from the inside out and leaving your skin plump!

*The best before date on this is May 2020* Usually the product is 30-60 day supply.


Peptide Face Cream. Natural, vegan & cruelty free. This beautiful Face Cream can be used day and night after cleansing. It smells so fresh and is scented only using natural smells. It Matrixyl 6 peptide to reduce the appearance of wrinkles daily. Peptides signal the skin to produce collagen and when applied topically they provide the extra boost you need to as your skin starts to lose collagen.

How to use?

Apply Mad Hippie Vitamin Exfoliating serum at night, after cleansing and about 10 mins before apply the Mad Hippie Face Cream. In the morning apply Mad Hippie Face Cream after cleansing and under make up. 

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