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Nutrient mist with Vitamin C and Vitamin A Serum

3-Pack: Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum + Vitamin A Serum + Nutrient Mist

Mad Hippie
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Buy the award winning Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin A Serum and Mad Hippie Hydrating Nutrient Mist together to save even more. This anti- ageing trio is perfect for those looking for tighter brighter hydrating skin.

What's in it?

Hydrating Nutrient Mist - use day & night. The Mad Hippie Nutrient Mist smells like a bunch of flowers. Like a toner on steroids, this product works to actively reduce red discolouration and hydrates the skin. Hesperidin reduces skin discolouration and Sodium Hyaluronate and Vit C promotes moisture. Perfect for face, arms, neck & chest!

*note* the expiry date is October 2020


Vitamin C Serum - use in the morning (if using Vitamin A serum). The award winning Vitamin C serum has 10% Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E.  All three combined pump antioxidants into the skin. Perfect for Acne prone skin use this after you have cleanser and used the nutrient mist.


Vitamin A Serum - used at night only. This serum attacks wrinkles and sun damage from all angles. Using HPR a revolutionary retinoid & Sodium Hyaluronate it works to moisturise the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

*Note* The expiry date on the Vitamin A serum is November 2020

How to use?

In the morning cleanse the face as usual, then use the Nutrient Mist and the Vitamin C Serum. Apply Mad Hippie Vitamin A serum at night, after cleansing.  

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