Vitamin C - benefits for your body and skin!

Vitamin C serum and supplement benefits

We’ve all been told to “drink a glass of orange juice” or “take some vitamin c” if you're feeling sick, but Vitamin C benefits have been linked to much more than that.

Vitamin C can’t be produced by the body and needs to be sought through diet, supplements or serums.

The typical RDI for women is 75g and 95g for men. It’s sourced through foods like bell peppers, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, broccoli, kale and spinach, to name a few, however, it is recommended to take between 500 and 2,000mg extra Vitamin C supplements as well as eating five servings of fruit and veg daily.

Vitamin C benefits for the body:

Vitamin C is a super antioxidant. An antioxidant neutralises “free radicals” which, when present in the body can attack cells and leave it open to diseases and infection. Optimising or boosting your Vitamin C intake can: 

  • Boost immunity by promoting the production of white blood cells that protect against infection.
  • Reduce Chronic diseases by neutralising the buildup of free radicals.
  • Prevent iron deficiency by improving iron absorption, particularly iron from meat free sources.
  • Prevent high blood pressure.
  • Helps prevent Gout attacks by reducing blood uric acid levels.
  • Strengthen skin barriers (more on this below)
  • Shorten would healing time.
  • Protect against memory and thinking disorders.

Making sure you have enough Vitamin C in your diet is a no brainer. Always consult your GP if you think you might be deficient in Vitamin C and many people use supplements to top up their levels.

We recommend NOW foods Vitamin C range. 

Vitamin C benefits for the Skin:

By applying it topically through a Vitamin C serum you can focus all the benefits directly to your skin.

Bursting with antioxidants a Vitamin C serum protects the skin from daily aggressors like sun exposure and air pollution, while having cosmetic benefits we are all chasing like: 

  1. Increases hydration by decreasing moisture loss.
  2. Boosts collagen production.
  3. Prevents skin sagging by promoting elasticity.
  4. Reduces redness and uneven skin tone,
  5. Fades Hyper-pigmentation for an overall brighter skin tone. 
  6. Protects against sun damage and soothes sunburn
  7. Boosts wound healing.

Vitamin C Serum can be applied day and night, it has a tight consistency so you might need a moisturiser over it and can be worn under make-up. 

We recommend Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum , it's vegan cruelty free and uses a stable form of Vitamin C that will not oxidise after 21 days. 

Last Word:

All our Vitamin C products are vegan. So weather it’s Vitamin C for your body, skin, or both you have to make an effort through Vitamin C rich foods, Vitamin C supplements or Vitamin C serums to reap the rewards, and according to our research it certainly is rewarding.