About us at Vitame.ie

How Vitame came to you

Vitame.ie is a family business. The team specialize in sourcing and importing international brands into Ireland. Our focus is on quality natural products that are backed by research and testing. 

What we stand for:

Value and Speed:

Vitame.ie was established so that we can pass on the discounts we receive from our suppliers and give it directly to you, the consumer. You get retail products at wholesale prices and we can guarantee your order will get to you within 48 hours if you order by 12pm the previous day.

Customer Service: 

We pride ourselves on our customer service, honesty and reputation. This is to make sure that we speak and get to know the people who buy the products we source - both the retailer and the end consumer - you.

We would love to hear your thoughts so contact us anytime at info@vitame.ie and a real person will respond.